Conversation with a Dragonfly

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Little Dragon FriendLittle Dragon Friend

  Yesterday, as I was outside looking for something interesting to photograph, I saw this little dragonfly flying around and then land on this plant.  It was on the hunt for all the insects that it could eat.  Dragonflies are among my favorite insects.  They are amazing fliers and beneficial to humans and the environment.

Golden DragonGolden Dragon

  As I started to capture the beauty of the wings and face, I became drawn into an exchange with the little dragon.  I would get about eight inches away from the its face and speak, then I would back up a bit and the dragonfly would fly out and around my head and land back.  It would be chewing, so I know that it was eating, but it also would fly so close that it felt as if I was being kissed on the head.  

  I became enthralled with our quiet conversation.  The opportunity was given to me to closely examine the rainbow colors of the eyes and the fuzzy mustache on its face.  The delicate wings shimmered in the sunlight.  What meticulous details of this tiny, yet a huge presence.  

Watching OverWatching Over

  Sitting majestically on the leaf of the hibiscus, I looked from all angles and froze the moment of time to be remembered for years to come...hopefully enjoyed by all that view the pictures.  Remembering my phone, I prepared to video the little one.  A few seconds into the video, it flew off the leaf and onto the red case of my phone.  

Say Hello to My Little FriendSay Hello to My Little Friend

  Perhaps to be more elevated, maybe to see more, or maybe to examine my features perched on the phone for a few minutes..posing.  It was a Blessing to behold a magnificent creation.  Today, as I type this post, I smile at the brief encounter with my little dragon friend.  I believe it was Daddy God's gift to me to hold in my heart and mind for the rest of my days.



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