At the age of 8, I received my first film camera from my Grandpa.  He photographed everything from events to historical landmarks.  Proudly, I would follow in his footsteps and my photos were sometimes double exposed or poorly exposed, but he praised my efforts.  After a couple of years, I became interested in other hobbies and put the camera down.

Years passed and at the age of 22, the birth of my son brought back the desire to pick up a camera again.  This time, it was mainly Polaroids and disposable cameras.  The memories were captured, but still the quality of the pictures were lacking life.  The up and many were put into albums, but most made it to boxes along with the negatives.

Fast forward to the age of 33, the digital era.  I was given a Canon Powershot as a gift.  I was truly amazed that I could take pictures of anything and delete the pictures that I didn't want to keep.  The number of pictures grew to the thousands as I photographed nature, family, travel and just everyday event.  I was on cloud 9 of the photographers universe.

A couple of years later, with the birth of my first daughter, we upgraded to a Nikon D70 and were elated with the quality that 6mp gave us.  Thousands of more pictures being added to the collections.  That camera went everywhere around my neck.  But, I started to become dissatisfied with the quality of the composition and exposures of my work.  I was shooting in Auto or one of the programmed settings for every picture.  There had to be more to it...and there was.  

After researching about the dreaded manual settings, I started to experiment.  My desire grew to not just take pictures, but to make fantastic photographs.  It was all coming together slowly in my brain, showing in my work.  Book after book, video after video...I was gaining the knowledge and practice I was hungry for...seeing improvements.

Today, I am shooting with much better equipment..always learning and stretching myself.  Loving the journey of capturing moments and freezing time.  This is no longer a hobby, but a passion to share with others and hopefully Bless others with precious keepsakes for generations to come in the future.